Device and Connectivity Access Assistance

2019 Device and Connectivity Access Assistance Application

Those completing this application understand it is on behalf of a student/s who is either a young adult student enrolled in three or more courses, a full-time student, or an early childhood student at Te Kura. Applications can be made on behalf of or by a young adult student enrolled in three or more courses. Completing this application indicates the applicant has no other means to provide either the necessary device or broadband connectivity, or both.

To receive assistance from Te Kura to access either a device and/or the broadband connectivity subsidy the applicant (either the person primarily responsible for the education of and payment for the student’s learning resources, including broadband connection, or a young adult student enrolled in three or more courses) must be a beneficiary or a Community Services Card holder.

Eligible full-time or early childhood students enrolled under the geographical isolation, geographical inaccessibility and itinerancy gateways may receive a top-up of their internet subsidy of a further $30 due to the higher costs faced by families in rural areas. Eligible young adult students living in rural areas may also request a top-up through Student and Whānau Support.

Before starting the application, please ensure you have your Community Services Card or Benefit number and your bank account details handy.

If the application is successful the applicant will receive any subsidies; not the student.

Please ensure all the required information is provided. Mandatory fields are marked *.

If you are a Young Adult applying for the Rural Top-up please contact Student and Whānau Support on 0800 65 99 88 option 1 or by email with the following details:

In the meantime your application for a device and broadband assistance will proceed.

Please use Google Chrome as your browser to submit your application.